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Equinox Health Clubs and Mission T NYC

Teen sisters Alexandra and Chloe Carvajal are on a mission.

Spreading Positive Messages One T-Shirt At A Time

Teen sisters Alexandra and Chloe Carvajal are on a mission. Through Mission T, the high schoolers have created a line of graphic T-shirts with positive messages and have held fitness events, like the recent one at Equinox in Great Neck, to spread the word about being kind to your body instead of abusing it with drinking and drugs.

“I have witnessed the crippling effects of alcohol, and I wanted to do something about it,” said Alexandra, a 17-year-old junior at Schreiber High School in Port Washington. “I wanted to help those who rely on alcohol or other substances and show them better ways to enjoy their lives. It is so important, especially at a young age, to learn how to be confident enough to say, ‘No.’”

NIH/NIDA National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week Chat Day


Mission T NYC hosted an event #ShatterTheMyths about drug and alcohol use in our community to help teens get the facts about drugs and alcohol. #NDAFW #NIDAteens

Om Sweet Om Yoga and Mission T NYC

Carlos M. Carvajal, Jill Carvajal, Alexandra Carvajal and Chloe Carvajal
Sisters Alexandra and Chloe

Meditating for a Cause in Port Washington

 Sisters Alexandra and Chloe Carvajal, who run local health and wellness charity Mission T, hosted a complimentary yoga and nutrition session at Om Sweet Om on March 3.

“I noticed an immediate coming of age mentality about drinking when I first started high school,” said Alexandra, explaining how the charity began. “It’s a thinking in our society being that alcohol plays such a big role in celebrations. You see it in your home, at parties, holidays and in movies and TV shows. I just started thinking that what if people celebrated without alcohol? I thought what if there was a way to connect to young people to get them to think that instead of feeling cool about drinking, they can feel cooler about living their best life, the healthy life?”